Watch Care

Taking care of your watch.

• To maintain the appearance and to get the best from your watch we recommend the following:

• Take care using perfumes and body sprays as these products have a corrosive effect. They can tarnish the case and bracelet and erode the seals on water resistant watches.

• Batteries should be changed every 18-24 months. This must be done by a professional. Replacing the batteries yourself will invalidate the guarantee.

• If the watch is water resistant the water resistancy should be tested after a battery change. If water enters your watch it could damage the watch beyond economical repair.

• Always follow the instructions, particularly those for use in and around water.

• Always rinse a water resistant watch after use in the sea or in chlorinated water with fresh water.

• The corrosive effects can affect the seals and the finish of your watch.

• Avoid wearing your watch in hot water or in an environment with steam.

• Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures.

• Avoid wearing your watch on the same wrist as another piece of jewellery.

• Leather and plastic straps should be loosened slightly during warm weather. This is to allow air to circulate around the strap. This will help prevent a build up of perspiration which will be absorbed by a leather strap and can also cause a perspiration rash on the wrist.

• Avoid undue shocks, your watch is a precise measuring instrument and dropping on to a hard surface may affect the accuracy, as well as the possibility of causing damage.

These simple suggestions should help maintain the looks and durability of your wrist watch.